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Welcome To Wind Of Change Now

We are a business designed to encourage individuals, all around the world, to pursue their goals and achieve their dreams, using the benefits of personal development. We also are an advocate for entrepreneurship, a promoter in the importance of enjoying ample, quality family time, and we also seek to increase awareness and response to depression, occurring within the workplace. 

We are currently in the process of transitioning to a new and exciting format, and will be looking to relaunch our business in early-mid 2020.  Please enjoy our daily quotes or previous articles, via our blog, in the meantime.

About David


Personal Development Advocate & Success Coach

David Stidston made the transition from the corporate world, to start his own work from home business back in 2017. Specializing in success coaching, personal development, work from home entrepreneurship and leadership, he has gone on to assist many individuals, throughout a number of different countries worldwide, to understand and embrace the benefits of personal development, how it can be utilized effectively to create success and how it can lead them to achieving their goals.

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Personal Development


What Is Personal Development?

Why Choose Personal Development?

What Is Personal Development?

Personal development is a continual growing industry globally, but what is it all about? Development, we know as to grow, improve, mature, transform and ultimately succeed and this is no different when it comes to Personal Development. It's a variety of different coaching techniques that assist us to improve our identity, uncover our strengths, talents and potential, whilst building our quality of life to seek and achieve our dreams & aspirations. Personal development is not limited to a time frame, instead it is ongoing throughout our entire life journey. It is a concept that doesn't rely on just self training, but incorporates others to be involved in a variety of activities, with great benefit, particularly to those professionals such as a manager, life coach or teacher. Personal development coaching can take the form of methods, programs, tools, techniques, and appraisal frameworks that assist with human development. Personal Development has been proven successful and effective by the likes of Tony Robbins, Evan Carmichael, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jim Rohn and Deepak Chopra.


What's Missing In Your Life?

Why Choose Personal Development?

What Is Personal Development?

Have you hit that point, whether it be now or in the past, where you have taken a comprehensive look at yourself and your life and thought, I am lacking fulfillment and I'm not living or enjoying the life I am currently leading? Is it that point where each day just feels the same, with no real satisfaction, it's just what you do, basically just your day to day existence? Your job pays the bills, you have food on the table and you have a roof over your head, so that's all you need? You know your family time and home time are those few hours at night or on a weekend, that's just the way life is? You might get away on holiday every year or so, depending on if you can afford it after the bills have been paid? Why, as human beings, do we tend to just settle for what we have and have no belief in ourselves, or no desire to actually achieve greater things? Is it all too hard? Do we shy away from change? Is it unrealistic that we can possibly earn a much higher income? Is it just a dream to believe we could earn twice the money we currently earn, undertaking work in half the number of hours we complete each week?

Wind of Change Now assists us to strive and achieve our goals, by creating the right mindset and a will to make that decision to change. 


Why Choose Personal Development?

Why Choose Personal Development?

Why Choose Personal Development?

To reach your satisfaction level, you need to design and live your true life. Personal development has the power to uncover purpose and clarity of your life's goals, but also help pave the road to that success. 

Wind of Change Now was formed to help map out that path to change your life and reveal the satisfaction of living the life the way you dreamed of, but never thought possible. It's all about switching mindset, parting with the life you have now and growing into the life you desire. With the assistance of Wind Of Change Now, in conjunction with your personal development training, you may find that your dreams and aspirations can actually become reality.